Payment Terms

We accept a number of secure and convenient payment methods:

1. PayPal Express (website:

PayPal Express Checkout allows you to complete transactions in very few steps, use shipping and billing information stored securely at PayPal to check out, you don't have to re-enter all your informtion on our website. It's simple & secure.

Tip: If you pay via PayPal, your order must ship to a PayPal Verified address.

2. Western Union (website:

Please Contact Us for details & instruction of Western Union payment.

Note: Please tell us the following information after you paid via Western Union:

(1) The 10 digit control number.
(2) Sender's name.
(3) The exact amount you send.
(4) Sender's address.
(5) Your shipping address.

3. Wire Transfer

For orders which exceed $1000, please Contact Us  and we will give you a wholesale coupon for discount.

A wire transfer usually takes 3-5 business days to be processed and received between countries, depending on the currency sent and how many intermediary banks are used for the transfer.

Please email us the bank receip after you made the wire transfer as well as your order details ( order number, amount, shipping address, etc).  We will procced with your order immediately when the above information was received & confirmed.

Shop us Securely and with Confidence!